One of the most damaging affects of PCOS is the inability to lose weight,PCOS and Weight Loss Articles particularly in the belly area. The exact causes of PCOS are not known, but some scientists believe that it is a genetically-predisposition hormonal problem that is caused by the body to not being able to use insulin correctly, thus causing female problems, weight gain and other undesirable affects.

There are many women with PCOS, however, who have successfully lost weight and lessened the symptoms of PCOS through a careful diet and exercise plan. The plan includes a diet of healthy, unprocessed foods that are in the low-glycemic index. The glycemic index is a listing of foods ranked by how much they increase your blood sugar levels 2-3 hours after you eat them. Foods high in carbohydrates are the ones you’ll find at the top of the index, because they’re most likely to increase your blood sugar. Healthy foods, like non-starchy vegetables and fruits will fall lower on this index. By limiting the intake of starchy foods and those made with white flour or rice, and filling up on lower glycemic index foods, a PCOS sufferer can begin to win the battle ofweight loss.

An important aspect of any successful weight loss plan is to include plenty of exercise. For PCOS women, this is especially important because they need to be burning a lot more calories than they are taking in through eca stack dosage their meals. Another benefit of regular exercise is that it raises metabolism which then helps reduce the number of bad hormones and this helps balance the insulin levels. PCOS women have higher than average amounts of the male hormonetestosterone in their systems and exercise helps use that hormone up and eliminate it from the body faster.

The key to losing weight, for a PCOS woman, is to get the encouragement and advice of a healthcare provider to make sure the diet and exercise plan is right for her. There is so much confusing information out there so it’s best to speak with those who have the correct information and answers to getting the weight off and keeping it off. Since PCOS is so prevalent, there are many resources and support forums online to help those with PCOS battle the symptoms of this syndrome.

If you have been recently diagnosed with PCOS or know someone who has this medical condition, chances are you understand how frustrating it is to lose the weight. Be sure to research all you can about PCOS and get the support needed to be successful with the weight loss. Millions of other PCOS women have been able to lose weight, so it is possible to lose it and lessen the symptoms of PCOS over time.

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